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May 30th 2020



Bakhu Holdings, through mergers, acquisitions, Strategic Alliance Agreements (SAA) , partnerships and joint ventures and licensing agreements with the scientific community and our significant experience in operations, plant science and processing and finance, we will identify priority markets, conduct independent research on potential investments, and make recommendations on execution.

Our team of researchers uses targeted data, deep analysis, and real-time intelligence to answer the most important questions. Our products and opportunities are designed to improve efficiency, maximize yields and increase profits for larger commercial customers and smaller boutique operators. With our insights, you will capitalize on undervalued opportunities.

Science / Technology

Cell Science's groundbreaking and innovative technology is undeniably cost and space effective, and we are on pace to revolutionize the extraction game. Our results are third party verified and proven.


Our intellectually protected and patent pending technology is revolutionary. We harvest directly from the cells enabling us to produce a higher potency, more supreme product than traditional cannabinoid distilleries in a fraction of the space-at a fraction of the cost.


Our scientific team is comprised of some of the most experienced and talented minds in the biotechnology. With well over a combined 25 years of experience, there is no shortage of brainpower at Cell Science LTD. As a matter of fact, it is our fueling agent.

Our Team

Thomas K Emmitt


Thomas K. Emmitt, 57, graduated from Sonoma State University, and West Los Angeles School of Law. Among Mr. Emmitt’s many successes are - he has proceeded over civil litigation for over 20-years and has successfully prosecuted over 400 civil cases ranging from personal injury, and employment law. Mr. Emmitt’s forte is strategic planning especially in business development, and financial analysis.

Donald Clark,

Senior Project Manager

Donald has the lead on various primary activities associated with the Cell Science technology implementation: Supporting scientists in the build out Cell Science laboratory and processes for scaling efficacy, prepping in coordination with counsel the licensing strategy, supporting IP documentation, and coordinating compliance with regulatory authorities. He is a seasoned executive with over thirty years of entrepreneurial experience in founding, funding, and scaling technology enabled start-ups.

Dr. Peter Whitton

Lead Biochemist

Dr. Peter Whitton, holds a BSC in Biology with Chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry. With 20- years in the microbiology, and biochemistry field, Dr. Whitton, is known as a leader in the plant cell culturing science arena. Dr. Whitton has a patent that’s known as “bio-technology” patent, with a focus on plant cell technology for industrial application. Dr. Whitton, also co-founded Lykke Research, and PhytoCyto Pty. Dr. Whitton also acts as an advisory to GlaxoSmithKline and Boot, along with Pfizer.

Aristotle Popolizio

Investor Relations

Aristotle Popolizio, has a BS in Risk Management and a Minor in International Business from the Smeal college of The Pennsylvania State University. Aristotle is the Head of Investor Relations at Inter-M. Aristotle has both a series 7, and series 66. His role is providing advisory services in managerial, marketing and business coordinating.

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